Incognito – the hidden braces!

incognitoincognito hidden braces

Incognito braces are braces located BEHIND the teeth (on the tongue side).  When you smile, you will not show any signs of having braces.  They are the truly hidden braces.  They are bonded in and made of metal so unlike Invisalign, there is no need to remove them to eat.  You will get the benefits of braces without showing ANYTHING!  Since they are attached they eliminate the chance of you losing trays.  The fact that Incognito braces can not be removed also ensures that your treatment is completed as quickly as possible, no more forgetting to sleep with them in or forgetting them on a trip.

hidden braces

Customized hidden braces!

These braces are completely CUSTOMIZED to the shape of your teeth, so treatment is very effective.  Not only are you getting the best option in esthetics, you are also getting the most advanced technology in tooth movement!

Do incognito braces hurt?

Whenever braces are worn there is always going to be some soreness as the teeth are moving.  It would be similar to growing pains and is controlled with ibuprofen.  Most people do not take anything, a few will take a few Advil whenever there is a wire change.  The most difficult part of the Incognito procedure is the first few weeks after they are put on.  It takes a little time to train your tongue to not play with the metal brackets.  This eventually rubs your tongue raw and can be a little painful.  Eventually you learn to speak and eat without doing this but there is an adaption period.

What is the cost of Incognito?

Incognito cost is $10-12,000 depending on if you are doing Lite or full braces and the severity/difficulty of your case.   This is a significant increase in cost of traditional braces or Invisalign.

Do braces behind the teeth impact speaking?

Yes.  It is comparable to traditional braces or Invisalign.  It takes a few weeks to adapt to it.  You may not get to the point where you don’t notice it at all, but other people will not.  That is other people not doing Invisalign or Incognito.  People wearing braces behind the teeth, Invisalign, or traditional braces are very tuned in to hearing slight speech issues and can pick up on someone else wearing the appliances far better than someone who never has.

Incognito or Incognito Lite?

There are two versions of these behind the teeth that you can choose from.  For very minor issues the Incognito Lite may work.  For the vast majority of people though the full set is far superior.  If you are spending the money and time to do this we recommend you do it right and go with what your orthodontist recommends.

Why choose Dr. Danielle for your Incognito braces?

She is an expert at placing and dealing with the unique issues and complications that come along with braces behind the teeth.  Hidden braces require special equipment and techniques, so not every orthodontist even offers this service.  We see patients from all around Chicago suburbs and are used to dealing with those that travel to see us.  Additional benefits can be found on our “Orthodontist” link.