Fixed full arch implant bridges

implant bridge images

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Fixed full arch implant bridges

Steps (April 12 JPD)

  1. Find Esthetic A point
  2. Wax up to that
  3. Duplicate wax up
  4. Make CBCT radiographic template of to check esthetics and then plan surgery
  5. Make provisional that possibly could be surgical guide also
  6. Make CAD/CAM surgical guide
  7. Ext teeth and reduce bone until surgical guide seats properly everywhere with 1.5-3mm clearance from gingival area temp to bone level.  if only 1.5mm then sink implant 1.5mm

Temporization methods for full arch dental implant treatment

You can use and essix from a wax up and make a temporary or you can use a preform shell.

Temporary for full mouth dental implant treatment.

These cases can be broken out into parts.
Staging a full mouth rehab with dental implants.