Laboratory work metal framework

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Metal framework material include gold (very expensive), Ti (currently most common), and CrCo (becoming more popular).  You can CAD CAM or laser sintering 3D print these.  Printing is more accurate but less common.  Ortorp 2011 DentMat

Treatment of Ti bar:  sandblast, GC Metal Primer, Gradia opaque, bond crowns, AnaxGum LC Tissue some sort of sealer depending on products used could be Nanovarnish by Dreve.

CrCo printed with M270 Eos Yoon CrCo printed framework JPD 2016

  1. Putty Matrix made of wax up on stone cast
  2. Bar waxed up with Primotech Metacon LC using the putty as a guide
  3. Scanned for CAD CAM
  4. Milled bar back to lab
  5. GC metal primer
  6. Opaquing process with GC Gradia Opaque OA1
  7. Pink composite placed
  8. Back to patient for final try in (if wrong needs to be remade)

I like Uwe’s design that incorporate support.  His lab.






  1. Built up with GC Gradia all or
  2. emax crowns over GC Gradia everywhere else can be returned prior to bonding on or can bond in mouth or
  3. If acrylic then can place in wax and return patient for final approval
  4. Curve of Spee and Wilson checked

Cagenix is offering pink Ti milled bars


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