Sapphire Portable Diode Laser July 2011

Wheaton cosmetic dentist Bryan Bauer

So this is the first product I tested.  The Sapphire portable laser is definitely a nice laser.  I used it for several procedures such as this ginigvectomy.  I had bought the Picasso Lite laser not too many months before and used it to treat this hemangioma.  Both are good.  I like that the Sapphire has slightly higher watt level available, up to 3W compared to 2.5W with Picasso.  But truly not sure that is all that big of a deal.  The Sapphire at first glance to me seemed more user friendly, without a foot pedal, but I found turning it on and off with the hand toogle pretty cumbersome.  I imagine one could get used to it but getting used to the foot petal of the picasso is no adjustment from your footpedal for hand-piece.  Of course storage of Picasso takes slightly more room with the foot petal.

Having tried both I would go with the Picasso over the Sapphire, but I bought the Picasso first so am cognizant of the fact that I am likely emotionally biased.  However, I think the instructions for the Picasso are way better.  Plus the Picasso comes with a lamenated card that stays attached to the laser that has the settings for all the procedures you use it for.  I think that is really nice.

I didn’t buy.