Hard Tissue Regeneration and Implant Surgery August 2011

Wheaton cosmetic dentist Bryan Bauer

This is a pretty good reference textbook.  Silverstein’s book covers socket preservation, immediate implant, ridge expansion, sinus lift, GBR with acellular dermal matrix, ramus and symphysis blocks.  I suppose this is as good as it gets when it comes to learning these procedures from a book.  Really you need some hands on training and just to start doing it.  There is definitely a lot of great photos, and the step by step directions to the procedures are really nice.  It was good enough that I decided after having it for a month to buy it rather than just copy any pages I thought were relevant.  I am currently starting to place more complicated grafts and implants so it came at the perfect time for me.  But unless you are just getting started with doing simple bone grafting and single implants then it’s not really worth buying.  It does have more advanced procedures but I doubt this book would be of much aid at that point in your surgical skill progression.

I bought it!