Brassler ET 3000 October 2011

Wheaton cosmetic dentist Bryan Bauer

So I spent more time trying to figure why in the world anyone would want or need this Brassler product and have come up empty.  It is an oscillating composite shaping instrument.  Basically it’s just an ultrasonic without water or maybe a piezo not sure on its energy source.  Either way it’s totally useless.  I use an easy composite to place and work quickly so I really don’t have issues with shaping and placing my composites.  However, I did once try Ketac nano and liked it for kids but it’s just soooo sticky, so I thought I would try this thing on that.  The product claims to reduce stickiness to the vibrating tip, but that was not my experience with the ketac nano.  Big stinker in my book.  If something like this interests someone try the Kerr sonicfill.  I have not tried it yet but it looks promising.

I didn’t buy.