Glass Ionomer Filling

dental composite or white filling

Glass Ionomer Filling

Steps glass ionomer

  1. 20% Polyacrylic Acid (Cavity Conditioner) for 10 seconds, removes smear layer
  2. 2% CHX unknown duration 30-60 sec suggested air dry
  3. Gluma 10-20 seconds with scrubbing in dentin and air dry to moist
  4. Glass ionomer
  5. Coating placed GC Fuji Coat or G coat Plus or

Use for class V or crown margins

  1. Butt margins
  2. Etch enamel
  3. Polyacrylic acid conditioner dentin
  4. Glass ionomer
  5. Resin over and cure
  6. Shape and polish
  7. Filled resin over and cure