Invoice Scam

Wheaton family dental practice
We received one and so did others I know.  How did they get so many dentists with ADA memberships fax numbers?  System hacked at ADA maybe???
Please be aware that a fake ADA membership dues “invoice” has been faxed to dentists throughout the country—and give your office staff a head’s up in the event that one arrives on your fax machine.
This is a scam.
The American Dental Association has been flooded with calls, and the
Illinois State Dental Society is beginning to receive calls as well.
The phony invoice appears to come from the ADA, but has only one line item for “2012-13 Annual Membership Dues.”  It asks for checks to be made payable to “ADA Association.”
Your official tripartite dues statement comes from the Illinois State Dental Society by postal mail and is personalized with your contact information, component and voluntary contributions to DENT-IL-PAC and the ISDS Foundation.  ISDS does NOT send dues statements by fax, only by postal mail.  If you receive one of these faxed invoices, please DO NOT PAY it!
Also, do NOT follow the “Opt Out” instructions at the bottom of the invoice that take you to a website. 

Bryan Bauer DDS