2 implants same patient

r61 dental x ray

#12 significant soft tissue defect in area.  Placed implant deeper than would normally like and then bone graft and collagen membrane over it.  Probably could have left higher and let the bone graft do it’s work but this is fine just need a custom or maybe the 5mm stock abutment will even still work fine.

Parallel Pin
Checking angulation and depth.  Depth looks good here but buccal and lingual still very exposed.  I had a choice here either leave and graft and membrane or go deeper.


I went deeper, but i also grafted and placed membrane too!
Final.  Custom abutment.  Bone looks really good.  You can see the platform switch.

#30 No issues here.  Pretty straight forward.

Parallel pin, but mesially inclined #31 makes look off


Parallel pin showing true angle



Can really see platform switch here


About1.5mm bone die back

Bryan Bauer DDS