Care for your new veneers

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 Smile Design Care

Congratulations on your new smile! Today your new veneers and/or crowns have been bonded into place and are ready for you to show off to the world!
What to expect – You may have some slight discomfort for the next few days.  Your gums may be a little red and irritated and your teeth may be slightly sensitive.  The vast majority of the time, all of those symptoms subside within a few days.  We have found that most of the discomfort can be eliminated by following my 3x3x3 rule.  If that does not manage your sensitivity please contact our office.
Care instructions – It is extremely important to keep your new teeth and your gums healthy and clean.  You must adhere to the recommended routine professional hygiene visits and have regular dental examinations.  The veneers and crowns DO NOT make you immune to decay or gum disease.  You will need to maintain and care for the veneers/crowns just as if they are your own natural teeth.  You can brush and floss as usual starting immediately and eat normally as soon as the numbness subsides.  We will be fabricating you a night-guard to wear at night to help protect the porcelain from any nocturnal grinding or clenching habits you may have or may develop later in life.  It will be given to you in about 2 weeks when we will also be doing final bite adjustments (if needed)
  • Open anything with your teeth
  • Chew ice or frozen candy bars
  • Be cautious with your teeth.
    They can and will break if hit hard enough (the same as natural do)
  •  Enjoy your smile and show it off!
We appreciate your confidence in entrusting us with your smile and hope we more than met your expectations.  Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns that arise.  Thank you!
Bryan Bauer. DDS. FAGD