Dental Composite Armatarium

dental composite or white filling

Dental Composite

  1. Anesthetic: lower 27 gauge long (yellow tip) with 2 carps of 4% articaine (Septocaine) for block, upper or lower infiltration 30 gauge short (blue tip) with 1 carp 4% articaine (Septocaine).  Always use the color of tip instead of having to say the word long needle in front of the patient.  Also we never say “shot”, we say injection.
  2. Topical anesthtic
  3. Restorative tray
  4. Dr. Bauer bur block
  5. 2% CHX
  6. Gluma
  7. Etch bac
  8. 3 microbruses for multiple teeth only 2 or 1 for single tooth
  9. Vitrebond Plus
  10. Clearfil SE Bond or Optiobond Fl
  11. Composite =
  12. Clearfil SE A2 APX if posterior and some anterior
  13. Filtek Supreme Ultra if anterior
  14. Buccal requires #0 cord soaked in hemodent?
  15. IP need V-Ring system
  16. Anterior need mylar strip and white wave wedge
  17. Troll Foil
  18. IP polishing strip for some anteriors
Bryan Bauer, DDS, FAGD
Wheaton General and Cosmetic Dentists

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