SO what percent is right for my custom made bleaching tray?

 Whitening or bleaching tray options

The higher the percentage of either carbamide or hydrogen peroxide the faster it works.  Whatever percentage carbamide is then you can divide that by 3 to find the equivalent in hydrogen peroxide.  So 18% carbamide peroxide is 6% hydrogen peroxide.  The only reason to not just always use the highest percentage and get done faster is that the higher the percentage that you use the more likely you are to experience post bleaching pain and/or the more severe the sensitivity will be.  This sensitivity will also be more severe to anything cold.  The sensitivity is nothing permanent and is NOT doing any damage to either your tooth or the nerve in your tooth.
Knowing all that we usually start people at 10-15% and let them dictate the percentage from there.  It all comes down to what percentage you can tolerate without getting too much sensitivity.
Quick reference
Opalescence instructions for wear time
The 10% is not
shown but is for overnight use or 8-10 hours.
Bryan Bauer DDS

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