What tooth whitening product should I use?


At Bauer Dentistry and Orthodontics we offer 3 options to help whiten, or “bleach”, your teeth.  When making a decision on which product is right for you the one thing you need to know is that the ONLY thing bleaching, actually oxidizing the stains in your teeth, is hydrogen peroxide.  Products are sold as both carbamide and hydrogen peroxide but the carbamide peroxide breaks down into hydrogen peroxide prior to doing anything.  We use carbamide because it is less aggressive and lasts longer in the mouth.  All the lights and lasers and everything else are just a marketing and/or delivery methods of the carbamide/hydrogen peroxide.
 Results from 2 weeks with our custom made bleaching tray on upper teeth only
Cheapest but slowest and most cumbersome.  Also requires the most work on your part.
Professional strength Crest 3D White at 10% carbamide peroxide.  We sell a higher percentage version of 14% for $75.
Option #2  Custom made
bleaching tray with Opalescence
Middle road as far as cost.  Requires some work on your part.  Works faster than the strips though.  Majority choose this.
Custom made bleaching trays are around $425 (2015).  Advantage of this is once made you keep the tray forever and can just buy more gel to put in the tray if you want to whiten again later in life.  For information on the different strengths we offer click here or just scroll down.
Option #3  Bauer PowerBleach
1 hour Power in-office bleach.  Although this is called “1 hour bleach”, really it is almost a 2 hour visit by the time you get set up and then get all done.  We use a 40% hydrogen peroxide
gel that is applied directly to your teeth for 15 minutes cycles.  This option is great for people that need results fast or those that would rather just be done with everything all at once and don’t want the hassle of trays or strips.
The cost is $550 and includes both the power whitening, which will get you about as white as your teeth can possibly get, AND you will also get custom trays made too (option #2).  We will do just
the Power Bleach for $475, but unless you already have trays it makes sense to get them now for touch-ups later.  You will be given an Opalescence desensitizing tray to wear and 600mg ibuprofen when you are done.  Some people do not notice anything afterwards but you should expect some sensitivity that night.
The trays can usually be made while you are getting the power beach done, but not always.If you have any questions about which option you would like please give us a call and ask for a complimentary bleaching consult.  Options #1 and #2 can be handled anytime.  If you know what you want just give us a call and ask for that option. If you have read this far you obviously care about your smile and how it looks and perhaps “just” whitening isn’t enough for you.  Perhaps veneers are what you really want to get you the smile you really want.  If you are interested check out our veneers blog.

Bryan Bauer DDS

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