Large molar?

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Replacing a molar space with a dental implant or two?

Large molar replacement can need one or two implants.

Mesial distal width considerations for large molar dental implant placement?

Misch recommends (Measure from crestal bone to crestal bone)

  1. 7mm M-D place 4mm diameter implant
  2. 8-12mm place a 5mm implant
  3. 14mm place 2 implants of 4mm
  4. 15mm place 2 implants of 4mm and 5mm
  5. 16mm place 2 implants of 5mm

Can place 2 narrows in the spaces also. Two 3mm implants are also good for these cases.

Misch recommends at 11-13 gain space to 14mm.  This is from older addition textbook verify?? Personally we find it kind of a PIA to place 2 at 14mm and prefer one and just adding something to the adjacent teeth and placing implant slightly deeper.

The replacement of a large molar with two dental implants.

Nuances when placing 2 implants in a large molar space.

If placing two dental implants in the mandible then mesial implant is slightly to lingual and distal slightly to buccal. Ideally you place the occlusal contacts on the buccal of the distal implant and central fossa of mesial implant. If placing two dental implants in the maxilla then mesial is to the buccal and and distal to palatal.  Occlusal contacts in this situation are ideally lingual of distal implant and central fossa of mesial implant.

Crown margin height above gingiva if esthetics allow.