Wheaton cosmetic dentist Bryan Bauer

Glycerine like De-Ox Ultradent and Liquid Lens from Danville when bond

“I use a 15 micron flame tip diamond with lots of water and a very light light touch. I go back and polish with DiaShine in Ivoclar’s cup brushes from their OptraFine kit, a soft bristled cup brush.  Slow RPMs with heavier pressure first and then faster RPMs with very light pressure. Typically about 10,000 RPMs” Hornbrook

A few years ago I did a bunch of bond tests (Shear) at Ulradent using 5th generation adhesives.  Bonds were reduced about 50 % if you did not pre-cure the bonding agent prior to the resin being placed.  Most have self-limiting film thicknesses that you not hinder a restorations from seating if the bonding agent is thinned aggressively.