Dental veneers

Dental veneer planning and temporizing

Dental veneer treatment planning and temporization steps for our office. To see before and after high resolution photos of our dental veneers click the link.

Veneer treatment planning


Pre power bleach

Emax v. Empress v. Feldspathic

Criteria for Empress use over e.max is:

1) If patient wants B0+ final shade
2) Ruddy Complexion
3) Grey prep shade

Mainly because most of my patients want shade B 0+ and e.Max tends to grey out when the shades are this light, especially with ruddy complexions.

After wax up can do a trial smile.

Dental veneer temporization

Steps for dental veneer temporization

  1. Chlorhexidine scrub – Gluma and dry – Optibond Fl Primer and dry. If minimal prep and not breaking contacts – Spot etch first
  2. Seat Siltech impression with temp material and let set for 2 minutes
  3. Remove excess – Trim so superfloss can get in between – Polish
  4. Adjust occlusion – check envelope of function – check esthetics
  5. Photos
  6. Give patient 2 syringes 1 with CHX and another with hydrogen peroxide (write on H2O2 and CHX) – Give patient the superfloss.
  7. Give patient “Veneer Temp Smile Design Care” sheet

Shrink wrap veneer temporary fabrication