Wheaton cosmetic dentist Bryan Bauer

coritcal bone – structure and space maintenance
cancellous bone – increase surface area for osteoblasts to deposit


AlloStem Cellular Bone Allograft – AlloStem is partially demineralized allograft bone combined with adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells  Use

Puros Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM) Putty by Zimmer –
DBX Putty by Dentsply
Regenaform by Exactech – DFDBA Cortical Cancellous Bone Chips

BonePin by Exactech – cortical bone pin unsure if demin

MinerOss by Biohorizons – mineralized cancellous and cortical
enCore by Osteogenics – .5cc $87 .25-1mm mineralized
Puros line by Zimmer
Oragraft by Lifenet- Straumann uses them too
Osteolife line
alloss by ACE – cancellous block and particulate available

rhBMP-2/ACS with cancellous bone and PRP is = autogenous but more edema 1