Collagen membrane

Collagen membrane

Biomend and Biomend Extended by Zimmer – purest bovine Type 1 collagen
CurV Presahped Collagen Membrane by Zimmer –  type 1 collagen derived from bovine Achilles tendon
Socket Repair Membrane by Zimmer – Type I Collagen

Bio-Gide by Geistlich – bilayer pure collagen membrane composed of both a smooth and rough layer. The smooth upper layer is a catalyst for the attachment of fibroblasts that lead to favorable healing of the gingival tissue. The dense porous layer acts as a guide for osteoblasts
Mem-Lok by Biohorizons – highly purified type I collagen fibers

Vitala by Osteogenics – porcine derived collagen membrane

ConForm™ Membrane by Ace Surgical – Type I bovine collagen
RCM6™ by Ace Surgical –  highly purified Type I Collagen

Mucograft by Osteohealth – collagen matrix

Ossix Plus by OraPharma – Porcine-derived collagen 4-6 months

Ez Cure by Biomatlante – porcine epidermis derived collagen

Genoss Collagen membrane by Dentium – bovine type 1 collagen .3mm thick

Renovix by Salvin – type 1 porcine

Bryan Bauer, DDS, FAGD     


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