Collagen Plug

Collagen Plug

OraPlug by Salvin- collagen absorbs in 10-14 days
Foundation by JMorita- collagen based

Zimmer products all 10-14 days
CollaCote by Zimmer – Palatal donor sites and Mucosal flaps
CollaPlug by Zimmer – Biopsy sites and Extraction sites
CollaTape by Zimmer – Closure of grafted sites, Repair of Schneiderian Membranes and Minor oral wounds

Osteophealth products all 10-14 days,HeliPLUG®, HeliTAPE® and HeliCOTE® are absorbable collagen wound dressing
HeliPLUG – Biopsy sites and Extraction sites
HeliTAPE –  Repair of Schneiderian Membranes
HeliCOTE –  Palatal donor sites and control bleeding


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