Informed consent – Cooperation

Informed consent – Cooperation

An important part of orthodontics is COOPERATION from the patient.  Dr. Bauer’s job is to get your teeth straight and bite perfected, but I cannot do it without YOU.  Here are the patient responsibilities:

  1. Brush/floss as directed to avoid the problems listed below (cavities, gingivitis, decalcification)
  2. Show up to your appointments!  Missing appointments causes delay in finishing treatment, which increases risks that are listed below (root resorption, nerve problems, etc)
  3. WEAR YOUR RUBBER BANDS!!!!  It is critical to follow rubber band instructions in order to finish treatment.  Most orthodontic patients wear rubber bands for at least 6 months.  Again, not following the rubber band instructions will delay treatment.  This means if we plan on 18 months in braces, you are going to be in braces for months longer!!!
  4. Avoid the foods on the list we give you!  These foods we ask you to avoid are hard and crunchy/sticky and chewy.  They can break brackets and bend wires, which is detrimental to our progression of treatment.  Again, LONGER TIME IN BRACES!!!!

Please read this post to help explain the minor risks involved with orthodontic treatment.  They are rare, but important to read and understand.  Please call us with any questions!  We are here to help and make your smile beautiful and have it last a lifetime, so take care of your teeth!


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