WF 45 #12


Necrotic.  Strange anatomy.  Thought would have three canals based on pre-op with 2 buccal and 1 lingual.  then thought after seeing CaOH shot that it was a 1-2-1-2.  Finally used piezo to open up pretty deep for better visual and after a bunch of WL xrays I think it’s just a 1-2 but with a large anastomosis between the canals at the bottom.

Where I thought 2 buccals were
Where I thought buccals and lingual were
CaOH with #30 in canal to length.  Prior to seeing this I thought I had a pretty standard 1-2-1, but upon seeing this worried i had a 1-2-1-2.
2nd visit file in buccal to length with CaOH still present in other canal (this had me worried cause they definitely joined together at some point)
Now feel better.  Files both canal and at length so know just has large anastomosis.  I spent a lot of time with piezo and my Q-optics light tip in canal searching for anything breaking off the buccal canal.
Final angled