Root canal anatomy maxillary premolar

Root canal anatomy maxillary premolar

This lit review is fantastic and the only one anyone needs to look at in regards to the internal anatomy of the maxillary first premolar.  Ahmad JOE June 2016

Maxillary root canal with three canals are present about 2% of the time.

1st premolar root canal anatomy

57% have two roots, 42% have one root, and 1.7% (range is .4%-9.2%) have three roots.  The 3 rooted teeth have 2 buccal or 2 palatal roots.  If the mesiodistal distance distance is equal to or wider in the root than the crown, expect three roots.

The number of canals each first premolar have – 87% have 2 canals, 11% have 1 canal, and 2% have 3 canals.  65% of the teeth are Type IV, 14% are Type II, 11% are Type I.  The rest are pretty small percentages.

Root canal anatomy of the maxillary premolar.


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