Information for patients

How long will it last?

With DURAthin you and your patients can enjoy the industry’s longest warranty on any minimal to no prep veneer!
What is it going to look like?

The results are nothing short of overwhelming.  DURAthin Veneers are astounding the world’s most prestigious critics as they allow the patients natural tooth structure to shine through while blocking out undesirable characteristics.

DURAthin was recognized by the AACD as part of the award given to Mark Willes and Dr. Dennis Wells for Outstanding Scientific Advancement in Cosmetic Dentistry.

DURAthin Veneers are individually handcrafted by a handful of artisans at Experience Dental Studio right Utah – not in a large production-style lab.

Durathin No Prep veneers

Is it going to hurt?

No shots, no temporaries, and no packing cord.

In recent years, attempts at providing acceptable material and technique solutions for minimal to no prep veneers have fallen short in most dentist’s minds – UNTIL NOW with DURAthin.

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