Dental Implant Torque Guide

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Dental Implant Torque Guide

Dental implant torque guide is a quick cheat sheet that provides most of the popular dental implant system torque recommendations. Torque guides are great but how accurate is your dental torque wrench? Basically they are almost all wrong most of the time. Albayrak JPD 2017

Styles of dental torque wrenches

There are both electronic torque limiting devices and mechanical torque limiting devices. The mechanical devices are either friction style with a toggle or spring style with a beam.  The mechanical are much more accurate than the electric, furthermore the spring style tend to be more accurate than the friction style. Vallee JPD 2008 Britton 2014 JPD  Mechanical torque devices are almost always 10% plus or minus in the research but do tend to give lower torque levels as they age. Cap testing device like the Cap Torque Tester Series TT01 Mark10 and a 3-jaw chuck like the Precision Quick-action drill chuck from Optimum. Method is in Goldstein JPD 2020 but appears the Mark10 company has everything one would need.

Can you verify torque in your office?

Not really. We send in our torque devices to the company to have them recalibrate them but not very often and we do not use a set protocol of how long or how many uses before we do. There are things you can buy yourself to test them.

Implant driver head types vary by company.

Implant driver head types

dental implant screwdriver size

Steri-oss replace external hex .030 cover screw/healing abutment?? Seems like should be .050 from above. DT thread

Dental implant torque value driver guide

This dental implant torque value guide is from genieoss.  Genieoss has an amazing website for this type of stuff.

Image of dental implant torque guide

Dental implant screwdriver size and implant torque guide

Go check out Genioss for the best dental implant torque guide.

Dental Implant Torque Guide
Dec 12 JPD

Another Dental implant Torque guide

Another dental implant torque chart from Dr. Amin.

Dental Implant Torque Guide

Ankylos torque

Balance Anterior and Posterior Abutment Screws 15 Ncm
Balance Base Abutment Screws 25 Ncm
Ball Abutment Screw 25 Ncm
Straight Abutment Screw 25 Ncm
Angled Abutment Screw 15 Ncm

Astra Tech torque

Temp Design Temp Abut Screw 15 Ncm
20º/45º Cresco Insert for Astra Tech Implant System Uni Abutment 15 Ncm
Bridge Screws & Cresco Bridge Screw 15 Ncm
Atlantis Abut, Zir Design, TiDesign, Cast Design & Angled Abutments
X-Small 15 Ncm (Available for TiDesign, Atlantis Abutment in Titanium and Atlantis GoldHue abutment).
Small 20 Ncm
Large 25 Ncm

Biomet 3i torque

Gold-Tite Square Abutment Screw 32-35 Ncm
Gold-Tite Hexed Abutment Screw 20Ncm
Titanium Hexed Screw 20 Ncm
Gold-Tite Retaining Screw 10 Ncm
Gold-Tite Screw 20 Ncm
Titanium Screw 20 Ncm
Large Gold-Tite Screw 20 Ncm
Large Titanium Screw 20 Ncm
Gold-Tite Retaining Screw 10 Ncm

Keystone torque

Abutment Screw 30 Ncm
Snap Abutment Screw 30 Ncm
Multi Unit Abutment Screw 30 Ncm
Locator Abutment Screw 30 Ncm
Zirconia Abutment Screw 30 Ncm
Multi Unit Prosthetic Screw 20 Ncm

Nobel Biocare torque

Multi-Unit Prosthetic Screws 15 Ncm (I think this might be 35Ncm if screwing into implant but receiving screw is 15Ncm)
Multi-Unit Angled Abutment Screws 15 Ncm
Ball Abutment Screw 15 Ncm
All other screws, including the ceramic screw, are torqued to 35 Ncm
Ext Hex SteriOss is also 35Ncm

Straumann torque

NN Occlusal Screw 35 Ncm
Solid Abutment Screws 35 Ncm
SCS (Synocta) Screw 35 Ncm

Zimmer Dental torque

All Zimmer screws torque to 30 Ncm

Dental implant screw and torque research

35Ncm to 70Ncm

Less than 35Ncm=cover screw and cover to let heal

Immediate load=immediate and early=6weeks

  • 20Ncm for immediate load
  • 10Ncm for early loading
A list of some of the dental implant screws for different systems DESS-Screw-Selection-Guide

If you leave the access with a partial filling you get more retention Emms J Pros 2007

Here are the conclusion of the research

Within the limitations of this study, we can draw the following conclusions:
  • 1 Increasing the platform diameter of implant abutments leads to an increase in retention of the casting cemented to it.
  • 2 The method employed to fill the screw access channel of implant abutmentscan have an effect on the retention of coronal restorations cemented with TempBond.
  • 3 Fully filling the screw access channel with an elastomeric impressionmaterial reduced the removal force of a coronal restoration cemented with TempBond.
  • 4 Partially filling the screw access channel with elastomeric material increased the removal force of a coronal restoration cemented with TempBond.
  • 5 Wall removal can have a significantly detrimental effect on retention form of an abutment.
  • 6 Selective wall removal can be an adjunct to retentive form of an implant abutment.

Ti performs better than Zi WHEN have horizontal mismatch

5 year posterior Zi or Ti same 1

Vertical misfit Zi and Ti doesn’t matter

Splinted success rate better than non-splinted 1 2

Conical connection subcrestal with platform switch Oct 12