Dental Implant impressions

Wheaton cosmetic dentist Bryan Bauer

Dental implant impressions research

Splinted is better than nonsplinted at higher degrees of angulation.  No difference with straighter implants.  Tsagkalidis 2015 JPD

Metal tray better than plastic stocks.  But what about custom???

Splinted better than non-splinted for complete arch cases 

Encode impressions less accurate than open or closed

Systemic Review Papaspyridakos JOMI 2014 – Open tray and splinted for complete arch.  Splinted and closed or open for partial arch.  PE or VPS same  Implant angulation does impact accuracy. If parallel closed and open same but over 20 degrees open better Ozan 2019 JPD.

PE and PVS same, tray types same, angulation matters (hence anteriors less accurate posteriors) Gokcen-Rohlig Implant Dent June 2014