Apicoectomy and Direct pulp cap

What techniques and products are best for endodontic microsurgery? – MTA Super EBA

There is no difference in success with MTA or Super EBA at 4 years 182 teeth RCT based on Kim JOE 2016  Success was determined by following healing using peri-apical x-rays from three angles.

Super EBA = MTA   260 RC study

ProRoot MTA beats SuperEBA May 12  170 RCT

For comparison of endodontic microsurgery and dental implants click link.


 Direct pulp Cap DPC

Jang JOE Aug 2015
ProRoot MTA = Endocem
Class V DPC less successful

ProRoot MTA = calcium silicate-based cement
Endocem = fast-setting pozzolan-based MTA
Biodentine = calcium silicate based
RetroMTA = 60-80wt% calcium carbonate, calcium zirconia 20-30%, silicon dioxide 5-15%, aluminum oxide 5-10%
TheraCal = resin-modified calcium silicate liner type III portland cement 45 wt%, resin 40%, radiopacifier 10%, silica 5%

Biodentine = MTA > CaOH2 > Bonding agent at forming dentin Human trial good study Nowicka JOE Aug 2015

ProRoot MTA=RetroMTA>TheraCal dog study in calific barrier formation and lack of inflammation http://www.jendodon.com/article/S0099-2399%2815%2900342-8/abstractLee JOE Aug 2015


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