If I have braces, when should I wear a mouthguard?

Many patients and parents ask me when it is appropriate to wear a mouthguard.
First of all, my favorite mouthguard for braces is shockdoctor.  It is designed to fit over the braces, so no need to boil
it and bite into it.  It is very comfortable and also adjustable.  They
also come with football straps for the football players.  You can buy
these online or at Dick’s Sporting goods.

Now for the question “How do I know if  I need to wear a mouthguard?”
Basically, everyone in sports should be wearing them.  You need to PROTECT YOUR TEETH AND SOFT TISSUES (lips, cheeks, etc)!!!

What sports?
1.  Hockey
2.  Football
3.  Basketball
4.  Soccer

These are the more obvious sports and are required in order to
play football or hockey.  For basketball and soccer, there are chances
you can get elbowed in the face, hot with a ball, so best be safe than

In addition, I would recommend wearing a mouthguard for:
1.  Baseball/softball
2.  Gymnastics
3.  Rigorous cheerleading (practices only)
4.  Any other sport/hobby in which there is a danger to your face

I cannot stress enough that it is not worth NOT being safe and
risking a potentially serious injury.  The mouthguards are nice and
breathable, adjustable, and they feel very comfortable, so getting used
to it is the only tough part.

Let us know if you have any questions!


Danielle Bauer DDS, MS

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