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Nano-hybrid denture teeth – Nano Hybrid Composite (NHC) material composition


Ivoclar Phonares NHC

Haereus Mondial


denture teeth nhc

Candulor PhysioStar NFC. NFC+ is a composite based on a urethane dimethyl acrylate matrix (UDMA matrix) composed of various types and sizes of fillers as well as PMMA clusters. This results in outstanding physical material properties, such as abrasion resistance and breaking strength.

Composite material with a homogeneous distribution of inorganic fillers and PMMA clusters:

NFC denture teeth

Dentsply denture teeth

Portrait IPN – highest esthetic
Bioblend IPN – more characterized more yellow
Bioform IPN – basic IPN tooth
TruExpresssion – better than Classic
Classic – basic or economical
TruBlend most wear resistant


Vitapan Plus