Denture occlusion schemes

dental implant frontal

Occlusal scheme for removable prosthetics – Denture occlusion

Denture occlusion, like teeth occlusion, is complex and confusing.  Fortunately, opinions are not as strong and there is more of a consensus but still not a definitive right way.

Buccalized occlusion – only mandibular facial functional cusps Shirani 2014 JPD found might be better patient satisfaction but only 15 patients

Lingualized occlusion – only maxillary lingual functional cusps – max high degree tooth (eg 33°) against mand 0-22° in a mortar and pestle arrangement.  There is a little denture evidence this is superior as far as patient perception is, but much easier and little evidence worse either.

Filou 28 CAD/CAM design

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