Laser treatment of Venous Lake lesion

lower lip dark spot
A Venous Lake is a small vascular lesion most commonly seen on the lower lip.  It does not necessitate removal and is of no medical risk to the individual that has it.  A definitive way to ensure that it is a venous lake formation and not something else is to place pressure on it and see if the blood disappears and reappears when pressure is realized.  Treating this in our dental office is a VERY easy!  You do not even need an injection to get numb, because there will be no feeling while removing it.  The procedure takes anywhere from 2-5 minutes, very quick.  We use our 2.5W diode laser to coagulate the blood flow and then use the same laser to remove the clot.  Healing generally takes less than 2 weeks and consists of a small scab forming which will fall off.  There is no pain during healing either.  There will be no scar
formation or any other obvious sign that it was ever there.  There is no chance of recurrence.  Here is one of my patient’s before and after photo.  The after is 3 weeks later.
Venous Lake on lower lip
3 Weeks later (double click to increase size and check no scar)
Overall this is a very safe and simple procedure that with the right equipment and technique can be done quickly, efficiently, and without pain.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us and check out our venous lake page.  I am happy to answer any and all questions regarding this treatment.  As is this patient.  She had been to a plastic surgeon years earlier and will enthusiastically share her story with you about both
experiences, if you wish to discuss with someone who has had it done.  Just ask and we’ll share her contact information.

Bryan Bauer DDS