PFM repair with metal exposed

Looking for PFM repair steps?

PFM repair can be done successfully even if the porcelain has broken to the metal.

PFM repair step by step

  1. Bevel and roughen porcelain with rough diamond (or mircoetch)
  2. Apply 9% HF 1 minute – 90 seconds
  3. Agitate regular etch for 20 seconds to clean and remove salts
  4. Apply silane 30-60 seconds (Bis-silane)
  5. Apply 2 coats Z-Prime to metal and dry 3-5 seconds
  6. Shake Bisco Opaquer Base and Catalyst well prior to mixing.  Apply with brush and cure
  7. Apply bond (All-Bond-3) or Bisco Porcelain Bonding Resin=HEMA free
  8. Air thin do not light cure at this point!!
  9. Composite and cure

Bisco Porcelain Bonding Resin
Bis-GMA <40%, Urethane dimethacrylate <40%, and Tri-EDMA <30%

Important points in PFM repair steps.

Using a HEMA free bonding agent is important. Most have HEMA so check which bonding agent you are using. I prefer the two bottle versions of silane as they last longer on the shelf. Most salines degrade fairly quickly and unless you bond all your crowns you will definitely not use it up fast enough. If too much is broken and the porcelain is off of a pontic you can attempt an over crown. Basically prep the pontic like a tooth and take an impression.

Image of failed PFM repair

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