Dental office design

Wheaton cosmetic dentist Bryan Bauer

Dental office design

Image and design – out business?

Shalesmcnutt Amanda P recommends

Siegel look good

Acoa Ltd look good

Key Dental look good McCall used

Andrews Construction 

Apex did Grove

Dental Ergonomics Dental Prophet talked about on DT

Diversified Design Technologies Article in DT Maybe pay to review plans  Garrett Ludwig

Unthank Marty recommend

9 spaces need

  1. Staff Lounge:
  2. Treatment Coordinator’s Office:
  3. Call Center:
  4. Marketing Director’s Office:
  5. Treatment Rooms:
  6. Shipping & Receiving:
  7. Mobile Technology:
  8. Clinical Patient Restroom:
  9. Private Egress:

Art supplies – DT thread

Real Estate

Apex recommends Rossi

Tax Issues

Get a cost segregation and take an aggregation election. Brian Hufford article Advanced Dental Planning for Dental Office Buildings

Chris Cuadros says same thing here


Security issues – Computer security issues

Do local backups and off site backups. We use daily off site cloud backups with Carbonite. We also have a Meraki firewall that does a good job of blocking any bad things trying to get in. The issue with many of the ransomware is that it sits idle for months before going life so it can get to backup systems because it gets copied to the backups too.

Ransomware for dentists

Fast data recovery from Australia and commercial insurance will pay for it.