Jaw bone loss

Jaw bone loss if you do not get dental implants

Jaw bone loss is something that is very apparent to health car professionals. Even you likely recognize the impact but did not know it was bone loss. Have you ever seen an older woman or man with a short face and lower jaw sticking out? When people lose their teeth, they also lose the tissue and all the bone that was supporting the teeth. You will continue to lose bone over the years unless you get a dental implant.

Woman with extreme jaw bone loss


Graphics of jaw bone loss in the mandible or lower jaw

Image of lower jaw bone loss
Lower jaw
Image of lower jaw bone loss
Same thing different view


Image of jaw bone loss on only one side
Bone that was lost on only one side after years without teeth
Image showing that a denture replaces more than just the teeth
About of bone and tissue that must be replaced, it’s not just about replacing teeth


Image of bone loss without the denture in place.
Same as above without denture in

A similar pattern occurs in the upper jaw. If you get a dental implant teh bone once again becomes active and your body will maintain it. The sooner you act the better. It is far easier to save existing bone than it is to grow new bone.