The business of dentistry insurance issues

Wheaton cosmetic dentist Bryan Bauer

Insurance issues for the business of dentistry

When should you inform your insurance carrier when buying new equipment?

Anything over about $10,000. When buying expensive equipment that is leased through a lending company they will often need a letter from the insurance company naming them as a beneficiary of the policy.

What information does your business package insurance carrier want?

Yearly review of number of employees – your  accountant or OM should deal with this without you ever knowing about it.

Policies that may be of interest to owners.

  1. Employment practices liability. This policy covers both discrimination and harassment from both yourself and your staff members.
  2. Cyber liability. This covers electrically stolen information. Is important in the current climate of HIPPA fines and computers viruses.
  3. Crime coverage. This policy covers theft and forgery. It covers someone stealing supplies or equipment as well as an employee stealing funds someone.


Who do we use for insurance?

Bensman insurance handles our business package and real estate.