Root canal anatomy – Vertucci

 Root canal anatomy classification

Vertucci classification

vertucci classification

Sert and Bayiril classification

sert and bayiril classificationGulabivala supplemental canal configurations

gulabivala supplemental canal configurations

Weine classification

weine classification

weine classification definitionWalker classification

walker classification

Yeung Yi Hsu isthmi classification

yeung yi hsu isthmi classification

Nomenclature molar root canals

Nomenclature molar canals

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Internal root canal anatomy

The internal anatomy of teeth is incredibly complex and variable. This explains why even great looking root canals fail from time to time. Seeing this it’s actually amazing how well root canal treatment actually works. Clearly much of this anatomy is relying 100% on our cleaning solutions.

Micro-CT images of internal root anatomy.
These are 4 teeth from 139 tooth study showing where path files separate. These are likely the most complex of the group since they are the ones with separations of files. However, it does demonstrate that this type of complexity is not uncommon. De-Deus JOE 2020



Lower molars


Complex endodontic anatomy

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