Prep and temp Visit #3

Wheaton cosmetic dentist Bryan Bauer
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Appointment time
  1. If subtractive preparation needed then proceed with that first
  2. Place siltech stent and fabricate additive temporaries (can skip but makes ideal prep easier)
  3. If changing incisal position or vertical then must do temps and confirm speech and spacing
  4. Check E and S sound and F and V sound (max incisal edge contact inner vermillion border of lower lip)
  5. Natural airflow between incisal edges when S sound
  6. Ensure incisal edge proper position and contacting inner vermillion border for F and V
  7. Patient can wear this for a short while if wanted to but ideally just ok, photo and begin prep
  8. Prep 2nd bi to 2nd bi (or to first molar if the first bis are missing)
  9. Final impressions (if opening vertical then not prepping molars)
  10. Place posterior Futar D stops from original CR bite and fabricate anterior stop on preps
  11. Not matter type of temp first step is to check protrusive and eccentrics
  12. Photos and adjustments made
  13. Occlusion checked
  14. Patient like?
  15. Putty of incisal edge
  16. Impressions if changes from wax up
  1. Lab fabricated if long span bridges
  2. Traditional from wax up for normal crown and bridge
  3. Shrink wrap for veneer or very conservative preps
Lab fabricated temp
  1. Try on ensure seating
  2. Reline

Traditional temp

  1. From wax up

Shrink Wrap Temporary technique if more conservative preps and no major composite BUs

  1. Gluma on all prepped areas blot dry with cotton ball
  2. Optibond Fl step 1 and air dry!
  3. Load siltech with bisacryl Luxatemp Fluorescence. Pressure on buccal of siltech
  4. Wait 2 minutes and tease off siltech
  5. Start removal excess immediately
  6. 1) Mosquito
    Diamond-  8392-016 (used to trim interproximal and gingival margins)
    2) White Carbide Polisher- H135UF.31.014 #ET9UF (I use this one last)
    3) Diamond polisher- 859-014F-FG (used to trim flash, margins, major
    4) Diamond polisher- 859-010F-FG (interproximal, margins)
    5) Football carbide (lingual)
    6) 12 flute carbide
    instead of these diamonds maybe
  7. Go around all margins ensure smooth and open IP until superfloss fits
  8. Use the white carbide polisher and then seal with Luxaglaze permaglaze biscover etc
Patient at home 3 weeks in temps min.
  1. Decide first week if want any changes
  2. If laser then rubber tip stimulator is to be used daily in area lasered for the next 3 weeks
  3. For 2 weeks use hydrogen peroxide in endo syringe with fuzzy tip applicator to flush around temps
  4. Super floss 2x daily
  5. Brush normal
  6. For one week prior insert stop hydrogen peroxide and start CHX 2x daily


  1. Fabricate crowns