Articaine vs lidocaine

Articaine vs lidocaine – Which is better?

A JADA 2011 meta-analysis by Brandt showing what many dentists have thought for a long time….articaine works better than lidocaine.  Articaine is up to almost 4 times more likely to produce profound pupal anesthesia in some areas of the mouth when compared to lidocaine.  Articaine has been shown to be superior to lidocaine for infiltration but articaine’s superiority for blocks is less apparent.


Another meta-analysis shows no difference for block or maxillary infiltration.  It also found articaine to be superior in dealing with mandibular infiltration.  My thought is, if there is a difference in one area there is in all areas but the difference may be clinically insignificant in those other areas OR may be too small to notice in a statistical manner.  Articaine being a smaller molecule can get into areas lidocaine can’t so the mandibular infiltrations in dense bone work better and one could speculate that individuals with denser maxillary bone would have the same results.  Kung JOE 2015

ARTICAINE vs lidocaine dental anesthetic

A list of most of the dental anesthetics used today can be found on my dental anesthetics page.

Articaine block = 26% success rate adding buccal infiltration with lido goes to 37% but articaine supplemental goes to 62%.   Rogers JOE 2014

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