Treatment plan – Visit #2

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During appointment

  1. With AMPSA take bite registration with Futar D being sure to get molars
  2. Decrease height and take again repeat 2-3 until nearly touching or ICP
  3. Get Kois Dento-Facial Analyzer with photos
  4. Present treatment plan and discuss options
  5. Show digital photo of proposed treatment

Patient time

  1. Decide which option to choose and when to start

Doctor time

  1. Send photos and impressions to lab for wax up and PVS stent of wax up for temp fabrication.

Lab time

  1. Mount max cast with Kois and mount mand with CR bite reg
  2. Fabricate custom incisal table
  3. Set protrusive to 25 degrees if not
  4. Wax up to ideal with info provided as to desired length of centrals
  5. Siltech double impression of wax up (putty then wash)
  6. Alternative is that I do with suck down without wash Wade Phillips claims more accurate
  7. Alternative is Siltech in pressure pot sounds pretty good
  8. Suck down with windows for subtractive preparations needed to create ideal temporaries
  9. Fabricate custom trays for final impressions
  10. Fabricate metal reinforced shell temp for long span bridges

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