Horizontal root fracture – anterior teeth

Horizontal Root fracture

10 year survival rates of anterior teeth with a horizontal root fracture correspond to area of fracture Andreasen 2012

  1. 89% for apical fracture
  2. 78% mid root
  3. 67% oblique mid root cervical
  4. 33% cervical

Due to relatively high survival rates RCT is NOT done as a prophylactic measure. Flores 2007 IADT guidlines

Horizontal root fracture causes necrosis of coronal portion and apical portion remains vital Andreasen 1967 and Hitchcock 1985 and Cvek 2004

Treatment is done JUST to the fractured coronal tooth segment leaving the apical alone since usually remains vital Cvek 2004 and Cvek 2008

Treatment is completed with MTA NOT gutta percha.  Many articles on this look at page 25 for list article implantpracticeus.com/continuing-education/ce-articles/415-multi-disciplinary-approach-to-the-treatment-of-traumatic-root-fracture-a-case-study

AAE splint times

Splint times from AAE

Bryan Bauer, DDS, FAGD     

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