When should my child’s teeth be coming in?

primary teeth chart

The following is a baby teeth order chart of a infants’s mouth and lists when each tooth should approximately be coming in and when it should be getting loose and lost.  Below that is a second graphic showing when the permanent teeth should be coming in.

2 general rules of getting baby teeth

  1. Girls get teeth before boys
  2. If a child gets their baby teeth late or early expect the same with the permanent ones too

If you notice something isn’t coming in when it’s supposed to, wait 2-3 extra months.  There are a lot of people who are congenitally missing teeth, like me, and some people’s teeth fail to erupt because of crowding issues.  Either situation would need the help of either a dentist, pediatric dentist, or an orthodontist.  BTW, we happen to have a general cosmetic dentist, pediatric dentist, and orthodontist all at the same location (how convenient!).  So, if you are in the Wheaton, Glen Ellyn area and looking for a pediatric dentist, orthodontist, or dentist; give us a call!  We often combine visits with the orthodontist and pediatric dentist to same mom’s travel time can see a child during the same visit to evaluate any dental or orthodontic issues your child is having.


Baby Teeth Order Charts

baby tooth eruption chart


tooth development chart for permanent teeth
Bryan Bauer, DDS, FAGD