Baby teeth stem cells

baby teeth stem cell

There is an easy way to get and store baby teeth stem cells for your children!

Baby teeth stem cells exist in the teeth that your children lose. If we save them we can bank the stem cells for future use.

What are dental stem cells?

Dental stem cells are adult stem cells that exist inside our teeth, both baby and adult.  Scientists use these stem cells to grow new bone, muscle, cartilage, and may be able to grow neural tissue.  These adult stem cells are not as easy to manipulate and are thus not as good as embryonic stem cells. However, unless you collect embryonic cells at birth, adult stem cells are the only option you or your child have left.  Also the use of these adult stem cells eliminates the moral/ethical dilemma many have with the procurement of embryonic stem cells.

Where are baby teeth stem cells?

Stem cells are inside both baby and adult teeth. Thus when a baby tooth comes out we can save that tooth for future use.

What can you do with dental stem cells and baby teeth stem cells?

Right now? Nothing but store them.  The future of stem cells does look very bright though.  Dental stem cells may eventually help your child or yourself beat a wide range of serous medical conditions.  Most likely conditions to eventually be cured with stem cells include; Type 1 diabetes, spinal cord injuries, strokes, Alzheier’s, Parkinson’s, and the damage from heart attacks.  By simply sending in a baby tooth as it is exfoliated/lost or a permanent tooth that needs to be extracted, like a wisdom tooth, Store-A-Tooth will save the tooth and the stem cells held within until future needs and cures present themselves.

Banking baby teeth for dental stem cell use? How do I use Store-A-Tooth?

Go to a participating dentist, like our pediatric dentist, when your child is about to lose some of their baby teeth. The dentist extracts the loose tooth and stores it in a FDA approved storage solution that we mail to Store-A-Tooth.  Once they have the tooth they collect the cells that they need and will store them for as long as you like.  There is a small yearly fee, but they can store the cells without harm for your entire life.

Image of baby teeth stem cells storage.

If you have any questions please feel free to call the office and ask for a free consult to discuss your options with one of our dentists.

Baby teeth stem cell research – Research on dental stem cells in general

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Update on baby teeth stem cells:

People are saving their children’s teeth now after their infant goes through teething because it seems highly likely that by the time they are young adults the stem cells located within baby teeth can and will be used to regenerate teeth lost due to periodontal disease, decay, root canals, or accidents.  Scientists are already able to do it they just need to streamline the service to make it usable to the general public.  Of course they do need stem cells and very few adults today have those stored.  At least one company has the process of collection and storage of stem cells streamlined.  Store-A-Tooth.