Novabone Dental Putty by Novabone March 2012

Wheaton cosmetic dentist Bryan Bauer

Novabone putty is easy to use and has pretty good handling considering how difficult it is to handle most grafting materials this stuff is really nice.  It does stick to gloves a little bit though.  Research on many of the grafting products is controversial and lit reviews have trouble comparing because of the vast number of types of materials and way in which they are applied.  But the biggest problem is that both the surgical sites and the patients are all unique.  The lit reviews I have seen on grafting materials are pretty vague.  That being said, in my mind using something that is easy and cost effective seems to be the most prudent choice.  This material qualifies as both.  I would recommend this product but I personally mix something similar myself for cheaper.

I am placing an implant in this area soon and will update.  Not that my one anecdotal case is of any significant value as to whether or not this material is good or bad.

UPDATE:  SO I placed an implant in this area in number 13.  It was placed about 7 months after extraction and Novabone.  Upon incision there was still a small-medium sized “glob” of Novabone present.  I spooned it out and found nice bone below it.  Not sure if it helped or not or if this is a good thing or not.  It certainly didn’t seem to hurt anything in this case.

I did not buy but do recommend to others.