Using a virus to destroy the biofilm layer.

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Scientists have used bacteriophages with chlorine to disrupt and destroy biofilm.

The future implications for this in dentistry could be significant.  #1 the bacteriphoages could be added into a cleaning protocol for the air water hoses that all dentists have.  The major reason dentists can not decrease the level of bacteria to zero in the water supply comes from the fact the tubing is coated with a resistant biofilm layer.  Anything that helps destroy that would allow any cleaning or antiseptic technique to disinfect much better.  Another possible future would be in oral health care.  These could be added to a mouth rinse to be used prior to brushing and flossing.  It would be a “live” product similar to the engineered strep bacteria used in Evora.

Bryan Bauer, DDS, FAGD     

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