Implant Supported Prosthesis Surgery

Wheaton cosmetic dentist Bryan Bauer

Contraindications (Surgical, host, implant, and occlusion)

  • active infection in area of planned implant
  • systemic disease that would contraindicate implant surgery
  • sever skeletal jaw discrepancy Class V or VI Cawood and Howell
  • radiation head or neck in past 12 months
  • sever bruxism or grinding
  • poor oral hygiene
  • pregnancy
  • 10-15 or more cigarettes a day

2g amoxicillin 1 hour pre-op and 1 g bid for 5 days

(19,21,23,26,28,30) 6 in mand (3,5,6,8,9,11,12,14) 8 in maxilla ideal

molar to molar flap with 1 releasing incision in midline
perio probe to evaluate integrity of extraction sockets
30-35 degree angle
seen 3.75mm and 4mmx13mm used
45Ncm min torque or wait at least 3 months
under prep maxilla
graft sinus maybe yes maybe no debatable needed
2mm or more graft in socket
abutments at 35Ncm

post op 3x3x3 rule
soft diet 8 weeks (avoid bread and meat)
soft manual tooth brush and interdental brushes