Guided Bone Regeneration

GBR = Guided Bone Regeneration

Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) is a bone grafting technique that uses a barrier to create space for the patient’s native bone to form. Guide bone regeneration can use resorbable collagen membranes, titanium reinforced ePTFE, tiyanium mesh, and/or tenting screws.

Guided Bone Regeneration ADA dental code

The GBR dental code is D7950.

GBR healing time

Typical GBR healing time is 6-7 months before reentry.

Guided Bone Regeneration – Vertical

Vertical deficiency – dehiscence, fenestration, and post extraction defects treated simultaneously

vGBR complication rate is 25%, but GBR does have the lowest complication rate of any vertical technique. Elnayef JOMI 2017

If need 4mm all techniques about same but if need more than that DO or IBG is the way to go.

Image of GBR vertical bone graft

Not many surgeons get results like this. But clearly it can be done. “Implant Site Development”

Guided Bone Regeneration – Horizontal

Horizontal deficiency – Staged approach most common

hGBR 18% complication rate

ERE most common complication buccal plate fracture

GBR v. ERE 96-100% v 87-100%

Need decortication? Greenstein 2009 JPerio  The role of bone decortication in enhancing the results of guided bone regeneration: a literature review. Lit review Maybe not but seems some benefits

rhBMP-2/ACS with cancellous bone and PRP is = autogenous but more edema 1

Tenting with cortical bone pin = “Alabama graft” using BonePin

rhBMP-2/ACS with cancellous bone and PRP is = autogenous but more edema 1
– See more at:
rhBMP-2/ACS with cancellous bone and PRP is = autogenous but more edema 1
– See more at:

What is Sausage bone augmentation technique?

Use native animal collagen membrane not long lasting so blood can get through BioGide is one he uses 30×40 need a big one! In his article in Perio and Rest Dent 2017 Urban utilizes a Ti reinforced PTFE membrane. 50/50 auto with bone scaper from ramus area and bovine. Horizontal matress suture and then interrupted to close edges of the flap. PTFE single interrupted sutures from apical to coronal to close the vertical releases. 6-8 months heal then implant and then load @14 months once in sausage should be able to push with finger and feel firm.

Image of Guided Bone Regeneration

First of all place pins 1-3 before placing any bone graft. Follow the numbering sequence up to #7. Finally place pin #8 if the membrane is not stable enough. Be sure to pull membrane down tight before placing pin #8.

Image sausage bone augmentation technique


Bioresorbable dome barrier bone graft

We have a entire post on the dome barrier technique, hence I will not write anymore here about it.

Khoury Block technique

An autogenous block graft of sorts. Using cortical graft as a shield for the area wish to one graft.

Bone ring GBR technique

Guided Bone Regeneration using the bone ring technique is an interesting concept but not the most useful, case below is good use. Therefore, you will not see a lot of information on it but you can find a nice CE course on bone ring technique on botiss.

Vertical bone ring bone graft case photos.

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