Partial Denture Design

Partial denture design

Partial denture design starts with partial denture classification. A great resource for partial dental design is FFOFR.

kennedy classification

parital denture kennedy classification

Dual path rpd or rotational path partial denture

A dual path rpd is a partial denture that rotates into an undercut. Not many labs or dentists are familiar with this. We have struggled to find someone that knows about them and thus struggled to make them. The retention is created by rotating the framework into a proximal undercut, thus eliminating the need for a clasp. Thus it should be great for patients with Kennedy Class 1 and only teeth 6-11.

Dental lab recommendations for partial dentures

Partial lab Arian Deutsch

Some AACD local doc recommended Satisfaction Dental Lab in Elgin

Metal work check DT thread – Jerimiah Nass at Inverness Dental Arts

Darwin recommends John at Zedan dental lab for precision partials.

Partial denture Kennedy Classification

Kennedy Class I

  • 2 RPI – Mesial rest, distal guide plane, and mid-buccal I-bar.  Long guide planes
  • 2 indirect

Kennedy Class II

  • RPI and 1 indirect same as above

Kennedy Class III

  • Same as class I just add distal reaching Akers on posterior teeth

Kennedy Class IV

  • 2 RPI – Distal rest, mesial guide plane, and mid-buccal I-bar
  • 2 distal reaching akers


partial denture design

Removable partial denture research

Vertical and horizontal bone loss is increased under a removable partial denture in comparison to dentate or edentulous patients. Ozan ACP

I can see this with a Kennedy class I removable partial denture patient, especially as the RPD becomes less stable.

Vermeulen JPD 96 Taking replacement or not wearing the RPD as failure criteria, the survival rate was 75% after 5 years and 50% after 10 years (half-life time).  Free end saddle worse tooth borne


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    I need a partcial on top and one on the bottom, the top with one tooth and the bottom with 4 about how much did that cost? My girlfriend word need just a parcial on to with two teeth on it… Can you give me an estimated price

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