Partial Denture Design

Partial denture design

kennedy classification

parital denture kennedy classification

Partial lab Arian Deutsch

Metal work check DT thread – Jerimiah Nass at Inverness Dental Arts


Kennedy Class I

  • 2 RPI – Mesial rest, distal guide plane, and mid-buccal I-bar.  Long guide planes
  • 2 indirect

Kennedy Class II

  • RPI and 1 indirect same as above

Kennedy Class III

  • Same as class I just add distal reaching Akers on posterior teeth

Kennedy Class IV

  • 2 RPI – Distal rest, mesial guide plane, and mid-buccal I-bar
  • 2 distal reaching akers


partial denture design

Removable partial denture

Vertical and horizontal bone loss is increased under a removable partial denture in comparison to dentate or edentulous patients. Ozan ACP

I can see this with a Kennedy class I removable partial denture patient, especially as the RPD becomes less stable.

Vermeulen JPD 96 Taking replacement or not wearing the RPD as failure criteria, the survival rate was 75% after 5 years and 50% after 10 years (half-life time).  Free end saddle worse tooth borne


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