CAD CAM dental crown

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CAD CAM dental crowns and my cerec collection

CAD CAM dental crowns are the name given to crowns made using CAD CAM technology and often refers to those made in the dental office.

CAD CAM dental crown materials

Feldspathic glass ceramic – CEREC Blocs by Sirona and Vita Mark II by Vident – high translucency flexural strength 154MPa 4µm particle size

Leucite-reinforced glass ceramic – IPS empress CAD by Ivoclar – feldspathic glass ceramic with leucite added.  35-45% leucite 1-5µm 160MPa 2006

Lithium-disilicate ceramic – IPS e.max CAD by Ivoclar – 40% “blue block” partially crystallized lithium metasilicate crystal taht are .2-1µm, final product after firing is 1.5µm particles and 70% crystallized

Resin nano-ceramic – Lava Ultimate by 3M – released 2012 silica 20µm and zirconia 4-11µm into cross-linked polymer matrix.  Mostly ceramic 80% 204 MPa flexural strength and maintains high-gloss

Composite resin – paradigm MZ100 by 3M – zirconia-silica ceramic particles as filler 85% weight with fine particle size .6µm

CAD CAM dental crown research

Pressed emax crowns provide better fit than CAD CAM in this 2018 article. The same result from a decade earlier found here. The milling is likely to be the main reason for the discrepancy and not the method of impression, as once again the milling was shown to be inferior to casting.