ADA CDT Code Check App

Wheaton family dental practice
CHICAGO – The American Dental Association has developed CDT Code Check, a CDT Code application for iphone.  The app is available for $19.99 for Apple via the iTunes Store and Android mobile devices via Google Play.

CDT Code Check 2013 app contains all of the CDT Codes, and would be useful for dentists and dental staff who travel between multiple offices. I’m not sure about others but I have hand written notes in my paper version and it would be really nice if there was an option to add our own notes to the codes and they could be saved.  The only time I look in the book is for odd procedures and I usually make a note or two to myself about coding these procedures.  Without that ability I am unlikely to use this app ever.

It’s other features include a number search, which may be of use to insurance people or employees dealing with insurance.  There is a keyword search but a search of “implant abutment” instead of bringing up the multiple codes for that and letting you read which one is right, only brings up implant abutment repair?  The new and revised tab is nice though.