Are you looking for TMD or TMJ treatment?

Wheaton cosmetic dentist Bryan Bauer

Try an Orofacial pain fellow

Remember TMJ/TMD is a condition that has to be managed and is very rarely in need of reversible treatment.  There are many doctors offering extensive and expensive “fixes” for TMJ issues.  Be very aware that the peer-reviewed evidence is clear about what the treatment should be, can find here. Many of these expensive forms of treatment work temporarily for some people because the placebo effect in pain and TMD treatment is huge.  This is a case of buyer beware.

TMJ expert?

If you are having issues after trying the simple reversible recommendations in my previous post, I strongly recommend seeing an Orofacial pain expert, NOT a so called TMJ expert.  An Orofacial pain expert receives formal training at a university and is almost always associated with or working in a university hospital or clinic.  They practice completely or very closely to reversible treatment, as I listed above.  A TMJ “expert” usually has received “for profit” informal training that varies widely depending on who trained them.  There is little consistency and tends to be an emphasis on profit production for the dentist.  A TMJ “expert” will be working as a general dentist in a private practice not affiliated with university or hospital.  They are essentially a self proclaimed TMJ expert.

American Academy of Orofacial Pain