Cement or Bond Dental Crown

I used to use Emax nearly exclusively in the posterior.   My protocol is
1) try in, floss etc..-
2)pa or bwx to confirm seat.
3) Ivoclean the internal aspect of the restoration for ten seconds, rinse and dry
4) Silane
5) Rely X unicem 2 if the crown is > 1.5mm thick, quick tac with the light
6) floss and clean up all the residual cement-  double check for interproximal residual cement.
7) final cure.

And my margins are nearly all at the gingival level or slightly above.

If the crown is under 1.5mm thick then I am using a total etch and resin cementation technique.    If the crown is of adequate thickness I am cleaning the prep with consepsis and placing the restoration with Rely X unicem.

1.  Pressed eMax
2.  Consepsis Scrub on the tooth then Gluma. Monobond Plus on the internal aspect of the crown after porcelain etch, let it dry, apply Unicem 2 in the crown or Multilink cement.

emax can be cemented just fine  1


CR June 2014

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